NANO Chamber, at the forefront of nano-research safety and efficiency * Burdinola embraces the challenge of tackling one of the greatest emerging hazards in laboratories: nanoparticle handling * After five years of work, we have launched the first tested equipment to ensure people and sample protection

Nanomaterial research has been gaining momentum and exponential growth due to its enormous potential in a wide range of applications, from medicine to technology, from food to communications. But are they safe to work with? Evidence suggests that their handling poses a real risk to research personnel and that current standards fall way short in ensuring protection. Fortunately, this has been solved thanks to our NANO Chamber.After four years of research and development, we are very proud to have launched the first protective equipment onto the market, which has been tested to ensure the safety of both people and samples.

With a presence in more than 35 countries and more than 6,000 projects executed in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industry, chemicals, nutrition and food, education and health, we have a wealth of knowledge and a vast business network, with whom we work in close collaboration. We listen to their issues and concerns, and one of the most recurrent was their concern about the hazards associated with increasingly frequent nanoparticle handling, as well as the lack of specific equipment.

This demand, embraced by the Burdinola team, together with the experience and knowledge accumulated thanks to our presence in the European Committee for Standardisation for particle containment, renews our conviction to go one step further and take on the challenge of responding to a gap in the market we considered inexplicable. How was it possible that, with the growing volume of research in the nanomaterial and nanostructure field, there was no specific equipment for such applications?

A challenge opened up to us that seemed tailor-made for our capabilities and values. Not only was it a matter of revalidating our commitment to the safety of the facilities and their users in the face of newly emerging hazards, but also of adding an innovative component, 'our brand'. The valuable know-how and qualification of our powerful R&D&I department, together with the experience gained in numerous projects in this field, convinced us that we were capable of providing the cutting-edge technology required to develop the world's first device specifically designed for nanomaterial research.
This new challenge was another step forward in our strategy to provide solutions with high added value and advanced technological components. The success achieved with the fume hoods and our client satisfaction served as an incentive to define a first in-house project. The more information we were able to gather regarding the hazards to which they were exposed, the more we forged ahead with our plans.

It goes without saying that these professionals are the architects of great scientific breakthroughs such as targeted therapies against cancer or treatments against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Apart from medicine, nanotechnology is set to act as a lever for change in fields such as computer science, communications, microelectronics and biotechnology. And the revolution has only just begun. Burdinola felt the responsibility to give back to science at least a small part of all that it has given us and continues to give us in order to advance towards a better society and a brighter future.

The development of the NANO Chamber was perfectly aligned with our mission and vision.

Thanks to the talent, skills and commitment of our technicians, ably supported by company management at all times, we obtained encouraging early results that confirmed that the effort and resources deployed up to that moment had been worthwhile and that we had to move forward.

With these solid results, which demonstrated the project's feasibility, it was time to seek out the necessary partnerships to complete the development of a unique solution in the market. Our NANO Chamber is a perfect example of our ongoing commitment to providing research centres with maximum safety and efficiency, no matter how demanding the challenge. Would you like to get more information on the technical features and functionalities of this worldwide innovation for the safe handling of nano materials? Click on the link to learn more about it and, if you need it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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