Burdinola creates the "Service" division for the diagnosis and maintenance of laboratories Following its permanent search for security, it includes verification services, preventive maintenance, training and Sat

Burdinola has launched Service, a division dedicated to strengthening the safety of laboratories through a range of specialized services that allow a diagnosis of the facilities and provide the solution to existing problems. It arises as a result of Burdinola's commitment to safety as the main hallmark of the brand. The Service division was launched last year with a team created exclusively to carry it out and since then collaborations have been carried out with different entities through various courses on safety in the laboratories.

Service integrates verification, maintenance, training and Sat services, which are aimed at guaranteeing the safety and proper functioning of laboratories throughout their life cycle, taking into account both the analysis of the equipment and its adjustment to current regulation and the specific training of the users. The verification service analyzes the extraction equipment and evaluates the level of operation and the protection status they offer. The maintenance team defines and carries out a preventive maintenance program to ensure the proper functioning of the protective equipment, for the benefit of the safety and health of all users. The training team, gives courses on the rules of use and maintenance of equipment for users to use them safely and efficiently. And the Sat responds to breakdowns or claims and performs the corrective actions that are included in the reports of the verification and maintenance services.

To develop these services Burdinola has trained a team of highly qualified technicians to perform the diagnosis of any laboratory, shortening the deadlines and accelerating the resolution of problems. This team has the accumulated experience that the organization has as the spanish representative in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), participating since 1985 in the development of the current regulations of the fume cupboards (EN 14175) - which has led to consolidate as the maximum expert in the field. All this results in an efficient, comprehensive and fast service.

Service is a flexible service structure, each with three levels of coverage - Economy, Advance and Premium - which are defined by the extent of the actions carried out and the intensity of the support in each case. This configuration allows Burdinola to develop a customized service for all types of needs.

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