Mikel Martínez, CEO of Burdinola, named president of HABIC During the general assembly of the Basque Hospitality, Wood & Design Cluster the new strategic plan has been presented and the presidency renewed

Basque Hospitality, Wood & Design Cluster -Habic- celebrated last June 22 its general assembly in which the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 was presented. During the assembly, also took place the renewal of the presidency. The CEO of Burdinola, Mikel Martínez, was elected new president of Habic. It will be responsible for guiding the cluster in the development of its guidelines to promote competitiveness and the transformation of the equipment, wood and design sector.

Burdinola, as a partner of Habic since 2012, has developed from the outset an active work, participating in the successive initiatives that have been implemented and in the programs related to the field of laboratory equipment. "In Burdinola we firmly believe that the collaboration is a key factor to achieve greater competitiveness and operability in global projects, as well as to arrive at new opportunities", affirms Mikel Martínez, new president of Habic

In relation to the new Strategic Plan, it was explained to the participants that this is a continuist plan aligned with the RIS3 strategy of Euskadi. This plan aims to foster intelligent specialization in areas of technological and industrial development, where Habic partners can develop an important role: biosciences and health, habitat, ecosystems.

The event was opened with a speech about "Macrotrends: challenges of the present and future of the companies of the habitat, contract and public spaces" by the company Future-A, creating a networking space that concluded with a presentation about "Leaders in niches of international markets; virtues and challenges ", given by Orkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness.

Habic has its scope of action in the Basque Country and neighboring geographic areas. It counts on more than 100 associates who develop their activity in the field of the equipment and with more than 5000 employees totally. These include representatives of the entire value chain of the habitat, wood, office and contract sector. Among its associates , they are 8.29% of the companies in the sector of furniture and equipment of the Basque Country, which generate 19.6% of employment and 32.86% of total turnover in the sector.

Founded in 2009, Habic's main objective is to bring together local and foreign entities to create new synergies, services and programs in collaboration that allow member companies to increase their competitiveness in local, national and international markets.

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