UBE CHEMICAL EUROPE, S.A. Castellón. Spain

Project Data

Year: 2016
Location: Castellón
Country: Spain
Type of laboratory: Research & Production
Services: Lab Planning & Equipment
Segment: Chemical Industry
UBE Corporation Europe is a group of companies dedicated to the production and distribution of chemical products and the creation of technological and sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the industry.

At the UBE Corporation Europe plant in Castellón - industrial base and European headquarters- the following production lines are installed; Caprolactam production lines (the raw material for nylon or polyamide 6), fertilizers, fine chemical products (1,6-hexanediol, 1,5-pentanediol, polycarbonatodiols), nylon and copolyamides.

The new R & D Center has an area of 2000 m2 and its facilities provide UBE with a complete base for the synthesis of materials, analysis for the characterization and evaluation of materials or products, as well as an area for pilot plants .

The new infrastructure will facilitate the development of materials and processes in collaboration with UBE customers worldwide, in the field of coatings, special paints, adhesives, packaging for the food industry, film, automotive components etc.

Currently 30 people work in this area in exclusive dedication.

The Burdinola team has been in charge of supplying the equipment for the two research laboratories located in this new R & D center, each of one of 180m2 and equipped with a total of 18 last generation fume cupboards.

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