Project Data

Year: 2017
Location: Dubai & Kingstone
Country: UAE & UK
Type of laboratory: Research & Production
Services: Lab Planning & Equipment
Segment: Nutrition
Recently we have concluded the laboratories of Quest Diagnostics in the United Kingdom, which is part of the Quest Nutrapharma Corporation, where  we have also designed the lab area at its facilities located in Dubai.
Quest Nutra Pharma is a group of companies inspired by nature and dedicated to innovation, science and quality, delivering products and health solutions to both end-consumers and the food, beverage, health, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.
Their products are sold to more than 36 countries worldwide and they have manufacturing facilities in the UK and in Dubai.
The laboratories designed and implemented by Burdinola include solutions for the nutrition  industry. The solutions we provide, in this case includes Lab Planning, jointly assessing the processes, equipment and regulations to carry out the preliminary design, installation and functional integration of people, spaces and equipment.

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