SEGAI Building; General Services of Research Supporting. La Laguna University. Tenerife (Spain)

Project Data

Year: 2013-2014
Place: La Laguna, Tenerife (Canarias)
Country: Spain
Type of Laboratories: Multidisciplinary Scientific Research
Services: Lab Planning & Equipment 
Segment: Education / University 
The General Research Support Service (SEGAI), belonging to the University of La Laguna, is an entity created to give scientific, instrumental and technical support to the ULL's own research groups, as well as to external researchers and private companies.

It has 33 specialised services, in areas of knowledge as diverse as the following:  analysis and treatment of water, biomedical research, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries, agri-food industries, cosmetics, etc.

Burdinola has been responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and start-up of laboratory furnishings and equipment in a floor space of approximately 1,200 m2, which provides support to the research of the different faculties and departments at the University of La Laguna.

Images SEGAI_La Laguna

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